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About us

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Basri Y›lmaz Founder of TurkCare.co.uk

He was born in Turkey in 1968. He was graduated from the Medical School of İstanbul University as a Medical Doctor in 1992. He have serviced as General Practitioner
at Public Health Center in Tekirdağ and after as the Doctor of Tekirdağ Security Management for five years. He had took 
Certificate Education in the Hemodialysis for Doctor in the Nephrology Section of Edirne Medical Scholl of Trakya University in the term of 1996-1997.

As the founder partner and manager, he established Özel Türkmed Sağlık Hiz. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. on may 15th 1997 and started operation as the the first Doctor of Türkmed Kartal Dialysis Center.

In the term of 1999-2000, he participated in the Program of Health Institutions Management in the Operation Economics Institute of Business Administration Faculty of İstanbul University and completed his education successfully on March 1st, 2000.

In 2001, upon putting into operation the Türkmed SAPD Merkezi within the incorporation
of Türkmed Kartal Dialysis Center of which he was the responsible doctor and in 2002 the opening of Sultanbeyli Dialysis Center, he undertook the position of the General Director of Türkmed Dialysis Group Companies.

In the year 2007, turning into an institutional structure upon participation of İş Girişim Sermayesi A.Ş. in the partnership structure, he became Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director also still carried out.

Currently he is also carrying out the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Independent Dialysis Centers Association (DİYAMER).